2016 Artist's Statement

Description from Axis, the 2016 logo artist:

This year’s theme of “Da Vinci’s Workshop” led me to mingle thoughts covering the polymath artistic elements of Da Vinci's notable work with some of the cultural, organizational, and individual pieces that define our organization.  Hand drawn and shaded in a similar style to Da Vinci’s own prolific sketches and renderings, I sought to explore themes of community, justice, power, and strength. The main portion of the image is a direct reference to the individual as a part of the whole.  It could be any of us.  We all bring something different to GPE, and all of us must understand that we are very much an integral part of the larger machinery, constantly changing, formed by it in varying ways.  Whether someone is a first-year greenhorn or a GOD, we are all supported by it, and we support it with our efforts and participation. A human skull, lock, key, and number 13 are all represented.  In addition, the three (seen) seven spokes of the wheels are for luck, and perhaps also a slight nod of respect to the Concilium Ostium and those who came before us.  The lock and key are suspended as if being weighed in judgment.  Better qualities of leadership make the key a heavier burden than the lock, as we, the keepers of such, may be best served to remember it is always easier to be exclusive than thoughtfully rational. True character (and a valid ticket) opens doors for us all. Untitled design (1).jpg
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