🚨 2020 Gatewear: 2 weeks left to order! ⏰


Today is tough. In any normal year, Xander and I would already be on the road to Reno in a big old fleet truck packed to the gills with beautiful black shirts, tanks, bandannas, and other goodies to hand out to you from our little closet on playa. It genuinely hurts our hearts not to be trekking out to the dust this year. 

But you know what? Making sure you get your Gatewear this year anyway actually helps ease that heartache a little. So, here's your friendly reminder that you have 2 weeks left to get your orders in! On September 4th, we'll close pre-orders and work with our screen printer to get all your things printed up for you.

Order here ➡️  gpegatewear.com
As a reminder, to order you should be a human who has worked 3+ shifts in our department in previous years and be in good standing with the department. Since there's no in-person event, we'll be shipping your orders to you. Sales for pre-orders will be open until September 4th at 5pm Pacific and will start shipping a few weeks after that.

Are you experiencing financial hardship that's preventing you from getting Gatewear this year? A few generous Gatewear deities have graciously donated to help folks for whom cost is a barrier. If that's you, hugs friends. Please email us at gatewear@gmail.com and let us know what's up - we'll do our best to work with folks who have donated to get you some of this years' swag. 

All our best to all of you, we hope you're hanging in there in the midst of [gestures broadly at everything]. 
GingerBeer and Xander, 
Your loyal Gatewear servants
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