Happy New Year, GP&E friends! 
So here's the skinny: we were not able to source the Hoodies Previously Known As Sherpas (manufacturers have slowed down or stopped making them readily available). HOWEVER, FEAR NOT!
We humbly offer you the brand spanking new Heavyweight Hoodie. While not technically lined with the popcorn-y-feeling sherpa fleece, this twelve-ounce hoodie is sure to help keep you warm out on your graveyard shifts, or any other time you need to be cozy (for reference, the Regular Hoodie is 7.2 ounces). This move away from sherpa also allows us to drop the price a bit to an even $50! 
As promised, because of this turn of events we'll be extending the Gatewear deadline until Jan 15th at midnight pacific time, to allow you some time to order one of these new heavyweight hoodies
IF YOU'VE ALREADY PLACED AN ORDER AND YOU WANT TO ADD TO IT: you can email us to make edits to your existing order, including any extra shipping charges that will be incurred (these are big and bulky). You can also just throw caution to the wind and make a second order. It's up to you. 
Here's the link to the Gatewear site, in case you need it: gpegatewear.com
As always, email us with questions, and thanks for bearing with us as we sorted this out. 
Your faithful servants, 
GingerBeer and Xander
Gatewear Mages for the Ages
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