Did you miss the 2022 post-event sale?

Did you miss the 2022 post-event sale?

If the stars didn't align for you to pick up some 2022 post-even realness (or even if they did and you just want to grab MOAR), this is your moment! 

We've just updated the live inventory to reflect everything that's available for purchase from 2022 over at gpegatewear.com. This is the absolute last chance you have to purchase the 2022 logo: once these pre-made pieces are gone that's it. No more. There are only a handful of items in most sizes, so be timely or have regrets. Remember, you have to have worked 3+ shifts in 2022 to buy. 

(the shipping desk is ready!)


We've also spent some time today organizing the inventory for the Ghost of Gatewear Past. If you're new around these parts, the Ghost of Gatewear Past is Gatewear that exists from previous years that you can purchase if you worked that particular year. Same as always, you need to have worked 3+ shifts for the year you want to buy. Ghost of Gatewear Past is perfect if you've worn through your favourite shirt because you wear it so often, or maybe there was a mishap at the nuclear plant where you work and your prized shirt acquired some holes. Restock that wardrobe, my friends, and know that those past years are dwindling down to just a handful in each year, and when they're gone, they're gone forever.

(EVERY piece of remaining Gatewear from 2011-2020 fits in just these three bins!)


Also, we've chucked all the remaining stickers and patches into their own page, for easy locating. Same rules here: you MUST have worked the year you're trying to order. 

And then there's the Evergreen Collection - you can purchase pieces from the Evergreen Collection if you've worked 3+ shifts across any years and you're in good standing with the department. Watch this space - some exciting Evergreen Logo news coming soon, too. 

Whatever you're grabbing, please please please make sure to put your playa/babalooey/gasms name in the notes at checkout.

Happy shopping! 

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