The 2020 Gatewear sale is live!

By many powers combined, this years' design has taken it's plagued shape - congrats to Slingshot for the 2020 logo! Which means.....

Gatewear 2020 is a go. We repeat, Gatewear 2020 is a go.

We've long considered our jobs facilitating Gatewear as one of building community (drink!): we got to extend our heartfelt thanks for you volunteering your time, and you got to come to visit us in our tiny dusty closet. 

This year the closet isn't happening, but Gatewear - and community (drink!) - sure are! While we wish desperately (and selfishly) that we could all romp around on the playa together we recognize that our community (drink (water this time, bishes)) transcends physical time and space. It can feel isolating to not have our event happen. To continue connection, even without a physical event this year, we offered up our services a couple of months ago to facilitate something like this. And here it is.  

We're bringing you the standard-ish pre-event sale this year with the 2020 logo along with some evergreen items. To order, you should be a human who has worked 3+ shifts in our department in previous years and be in good standing with the department. Since there's no in-person event, we'll be shipping your orders to you. Sales for pre-orders will be open from today until September 4th (the day before the Man would burn 😭) at 5pm Pacific. 

Quantity restrictions are like previous years: you can order up to 3 shirts in your size, and 2 each of 4-inch stickers and patches. 

You'll notice this year's prices are a bit higher, and we wanted to maintain our transparency about that. In past years, we've been able to rely on quantity price breaks from our vendor because we were ordering both the things you purchased *and also* the huge number of shirts that the department purchased and offered as thank you gifts for your volunteerism. Since we're not making such a large order this year, we're not able to take advantage of those. Still, we were able to negotiate a reasonable rate with our vendor (who normally would see an order from us that contains literally 10X more items. Which is to say: our small order is still helping our local vendor stay afloat during this hard time, so yay! You're supporting small local businesses with your order! GO YOU!). 

As always, ping us at or on FB messenger with any questions. Happy shopping at the Gatewear Store, and we miss your dusty faces so fucking much we can hardly stand it. 

Yours, always,
Xander and GingerBeer
Your faithful Gatewewar servants
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