Gatewear 2024 - on sale now

Gatewear 2024 - on sale now

Team, it's official: the Gatewear 2024 pre-event sale is officially open! 

TL;DR: You can place your Gatewear order for 2024 from now until June 20. Place your order in good faith that you'll work 3+ shifts, but know that there are no refunds if you decide later you don't want to work. See below for details.

Of special note: 

  • Once again, were able to negotiate to keep nearly all items at the same price they were the last couple of years - this is large part because we maintain good, loyal rapport with our vendors, year over year, even in the off-season
  • Personalized mugs are back again - logo on one side, your name of choice on the other. Also back: less expensive, laser-engraved travel mugs, specifically fitted so you can use them on perimeter shift in the cup holders 😉
  • Also also back: Evergreen shirts AND regular hoodies! If you've worked 3+ shifts across *any* year in GP&E you can order anything with the Evergreen logo.
  • As usual, we'll be able to offer heavyweight hoodies (both with the 2024 logo and with the Evergreen logo) during the post-event sale

If you're new-ish to the department, this might seem like a bit of a shock. I mean, shifts aren't even up in Babalooey yet!

What does that mean? So glad you asked. 

  1. We're operating in good faith. We know you can't sign up for shifts yet. That's okay! When you order, you're agreeing that you WILL sign up for and work the required shifts to earn your stuff. If, when it comes down to it, you end up *not* working enough shifts, you forfeit your order - no refunds, no exchanges. These are custom orders made specifically for you, so if you opt out of working you fork over those custom pieces to us. We'll be consulting shift rosters and working with the Volunteer Coordination team on this, per usual.
  2. Orders close JUNE 20 at 5pm Pacific. You have over a month to get yourself squared away, determine whether you'll work the requisite 3+ shifts with the department this year, and hit that "add to cart" button. 
  3. We'll have a post-event sale again after this event. If you're not sure whether you'll work enough shifts and don't want to risk it, just hold off. If you're not in a place financially to order pre-event, no sweat. For whatever reason you don't want to commit now? ALL GOOD FRIENDO. You can order 2024 gear post-event (in, like, December, for delivery in late January/early February). Easy peasy. 

So! If you're a veteran in our department and plan to work 3+ shifts this year, you may now pre-order Gatewear for pickup on-playa in August/September. Rest assured, we'll check the rosters once they're up to make sure you're signed up for the shifts, so please don't order unless you're dedicated to 3+ shifts at Dusty Summer Camp 2024.

Questions? Let us know ( We can't wait to see you out in the dust this year. 

GingerBeer and Xander

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