Update on open Gatewear orders

Hi friends,

We wanted to give you an update for anyone with outstanding Gatewear orders.

In March, San Francisco's Shelter In Place orders began. At that time, we paused shipments of open Gatewear orders for safety, both ours and yours. We couldn't travel to the post to drop packages off. We also didn't know enough about COVID-19 to know whether we were carriers. And, if we were, what risks there would be in us handling and shipping your items.

Fast forward to today. We're confident that packaging and shipping your items is safe. Unfortunately, USPS continues to be a raging dumpster fire. They've been losing packages at an astronomical rate (case in point: we recently had a 2-day shipment take over a month to arrive. Other shipments have disappeared completely).

We've been keeping a close eye on shipments, both domestic and international. We don't currently feel confident that everything we ship would reach you. Since Gatewear is made to order, we can't just replace or refund - out of our own pockets - anything that doesn't make it to you.

So, for now, we're going to keep holding and monitoring. We realize that this may be disappointing. We'd be more disappointed if we started shipping things too early and USPS lost them.

Trust us: we want you to get your things as soon as possible. We want the boxes out of our living room, too. 😉  But we're being cautious because we want you to actually GET your things.

ALL THAT SAID: if you really, positively, absolutely can't wait a second longer for your items, tell us. If you want us to ship them knowing the risks of delay and possible loss, email gatewear@gmail.com. With your order number, if possible. If you're local to the Bay Area and are interested in contactless pickup from our front porch, message us. We'll arrange.

Missing all your faces,

GingerBeer and Xander
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