Want to grab Gatewear from a previous year? Great! Here's what you need to know:

  • Ghost of Gatewear Past items are limited to what's already been printed - once an item is gone, it's gone forever.
  • I'll be checking that you worked shifts during the year that you're purchasing. You'll need to have shifts logged in order to buy Gatewear.
  • You can order for multiple people, but please list each person's playa/Babalooey name at checkout if that's the case.

Ready to shop? 

2019 Scarab with Wings (in a triangle in a circle) - coming soon

2018 Cephalophallus 

2017 I Heart Goats

2016 Geary McFuckface

2015 Circus Skeleton

2014 Twin Tarot Skeleton

2013 Melty Face

SOLD OUT - 2012 Unicorns

2011 Earring Tribal