The 2022 Gatewear post-event sale is open - order now

The 2022 Gatewear post-event sale is open - order now

Hey gate fam ~

We've got some exciting news - the 2022 Gatewear post-event sale is now open for orders! If you put in three or more shifts with GP&E at this year's Burn (2022), you're eligible to order 2022 gear.

But don't wait too long to place your order - we'll only be accepting them until January 15, 2023 (5pm Pacific).

As in previous years, if your 2022 items aren't something we already have in-hand, we'll be putting together a bulk order. If that's the case, you'll see a "pre-order" button when you're in the online store, allowing you to order the item for us to include with our order to our vendors. You'll still pay up-front like usual, and we'll hold your shipment (including any other items that we do have on-hand) until your pieces get back from the vendor a few weeks after orders close on January 15th. This is the last and final order we'll be making from our vendors for the 2022 logo. No further items will be screen printed or embroidered.

You can also order from the Ghost of Gatewear Past section. For all folks who've put in shifts in previous years (2019 or earlier), you can order that gear - just remember you have to have worked with Gate for the year(s) you're ordering. We check the rosters (example: if you're ordering a patch from 2017, 2018. and 2019, you have to have worked shifts in 2017, 2018, and 2019).

And, since 2020 was the Year The Never Was, you can order 2020 gear if you've worked three or more shifts in any year. The 2020 pile is getting pretty thin - if you like this, order sooner rather than later.

We also threw together a stickers and patches collection: if you're wanting to pick up something a little more streamlined, they're now easy to shop all in one spot. 

Remember: orders close January 15, 2023. Don't miss out on this chance to get your hands on some official 2022 Gate, Perimeter, and Exodus fuckery. And please don't forget to put your playa/babalooey name in the comments of your shopping cart as you check out! 

As always, if you have questions, email us at (steer clear of the Facebook message option for now, Facebook's been doin' us dirty for the last year or so and we're having issues logging in). 

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